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Conference Topics

SUDI PresentationThe theme for the 2017 SUDI Conference will be Indigenous Peoples with Disabilities: Designing Inclusive, Equitable, Strategies and Policies.

  • Designing strategies and policies to address disability issues in Indigenous communities
  • Creating, supporting, and fostering Accessible Environments
  • Developing incentives, policies and practices to increase participation of people with disabilities
  • The nexus between disability and sustainability: The Role of government, private sector, universities, DPOs, NGOS, and Multilateral Organizations
  • Opportunities and continuing challenges and barriers facing people with disabilities
  • Access to equitable education for students with a disability
  • Designing or refining inventories of training programs and employment opportunities for people with disabilities
  • Designing procurement strategies (Government, Private companies, and NGOs) to include firms owned by disable professionals
  • Universal access and universal design strategies
  • Infrastructure: planning and addressing the needs of disabled peoples
  • Understanding Health care needs of disabled peoples
  • Technology, Innovation and Disability
  • Poverty reduction: sustainability and disability
  • Arts and Disability
  • Sustainability & Disability: a R&D and innovation perspective
  • Indigenous Language Revitalization
  • Veterans, Disability, and Employment Opportunities