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SUDI 2017

SUDI 2017The theme for the 2017 SUDI Conference is Indigenous Peoples with Disabilities: Designing Inclusive, Equitable, Strategies and Policies.

Close to one billion people (15% of the global population) live with some form of disability. Aging, chronic health issues and mental health disorders are major factors contributing to disability around the globe.  Yes, these individuals are disproportionately disadvantaged globally in economic and employment opportunities.  Thus, it is now critical to address these far-reaching global disability issues proactively together.

The 2017 SUDI Conference will address a number of issues related to the nexus between disability, economic development and sustainability; ranging from social entrepreneurship, enabling environments, education, technology and innovations, to the design of policies and strategies aimed at increasing the economic inclusion and quality of life of people with disabilities. The conference will bring together policy-makers, academics, business representatives, and NGOs/DPOs serving individuals with disabilities to discuss and elaborate on proposals to more effectively channel policies and strategies to address the economic and employment and quality of life needs of people with disabilities in indigenous communities.  

The 2017 SUDI Conference main theme will address inclusive and equitable economic development and employment strategies for disadvantaged indigenous populations. Indigenous peoples with disabilities tend to experience a number of barriers to achieve higher levels of quality of life and income. SUDI strongly believes that there is a tremendous opportunity for stakeholders to build an inclusive, equitable, society and economy that can lift disabled peoples out of poverty and into economic self-sufficiency.  As stated by Professor Stephen W. Hawking:  "Disability need not to be an obstacle to success."